Fecha de publicación: 10-mar-2019

Davis Lisboa: storyboard, ilustración, pintura y mini museo.

Davis Lisboa, “Robert Filliou 20”, 2019, oil on canvas, 19,68 x 19,68 x 1,57 in (50 x 50 x 3,5 cm).




What/who inspired the work?

Conceptually, I was inspired by "Autoportrait bien fait, mal fait, pas fait" (Self-Portrait Well Made, Badly Made, Not Made), assemblage, 1973, by Robert Filliou (Sauve, France, 1926 - Les Eyzies, France, 1987).

Robert Filliou’s work was born of the art/life interconnections that came about from the late 1950s onwards, and really took off as part of the living, anti-art, anti-commercial driving force that was Fluxus. As Filliou himself said: “Art is what makes life more interesting than art.” Authorship, much-reviled artistic “taste” and the very existence of the artwork are all challenged with gestures not far from the Marcel Duchamp ready-mades. The work consists of a photograph of the artist wearing a paper hat (an inescapable iconic reference to puppet regimes and fake authority), an empty wooden box and the back of a canvas bearing the hand-written inscription “Portrait de l’artiste”. Autoportrait bien fait, mal fait, pas fait (Self-Portrait Well Made, Badly Made, Not Made) is an ironic comment on the artwork’s iconic character, by means of a triptych created to ridicule both the artist himself and his creation. An addition to the old academic idea